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Compass is an essential resource for keeping up with current critical trends in Humanities scholarship. B Hirsch, U Western Australia

The cognitive/psycholinguistics section of L&LC seems to be well-edited and the editor has aggressively sought interesting papers. C Clifton, U Massachusetts

Many thanks to the Compass team! You are doing a great job. C Caietta, U della Valle d’Aosta

I value the review process and the level at which most of the articles are placed. Most of the articles can be read by both beginners as well as students of a higher level. The survey nature of the articles often opens up areas of inquiry left unexplored by the article itself. B Chattopadhyay, U of Delhi

Compass provides comprehensive surveys of critical work across the discipline and fruitful ‘nodes’ of interdisciplinary inquiry. B Faber, Redeemer University College, Canada

The short time from acceptance to publication was excellent. The podcasts offered through History Compass are useful and provide an interesting way to engage with the materials. N Zerbe, Humboldt State University

The idea of surveying recent developments in certain fields is great, and the articles I have read are fantastic. It also is helpful for teaching. I had a student who was interested in writing a research paper on black theology, and he was able to get a sense of the field through a recent essay. F Clingeman, Ohio Northern University

Many of the articles are interesting and relate to my teaching and research interests. EJ Leppman, Eastern Kentucky University

There are many excellent articles by experts in the field. I have profitably used articles from Compass for both teaching and research. M Bishop, Florida State University

I like that History Compass gives me access to new scholarship but in a format that is accessible to my students. This allows me to bring the teacher-scholar format to the fore, and at my institution, that model is not only valued, it is an absolute requirement. Tillman W. Nechtman, Skidmore College

I particularly like essays that sum up recent scholarship concerning a specific author or text – ones that I have to teach, but that are not ones I specialize in. This saves me huge amounts of time, and gives me lots of ideas for lectures and classes. D Malcolm, U of Gdansk

Compass is easy to browse and it has articles that survey subjects in a manner readily accessible to students. K McGinley, Faith University, Turkey

The articles are written by experts for novices, and aim to give a snapshot of the current state of play in a field. This provides a very efficient way of getting up to speed on a new topic. Stephen Finlay, U Southern California

The ease of access and readability in the format is superior to many other online venues. Articles are recent, and allow me to keep up with new ideas with having to wade through more dense or extended arguments in specialized journals. E Christie, Georgia State U

The ability to access and download articles that apply to my Biblical, historical, philosophical interests, etc. I also like the variety of themes to choose from and the depth of information in the articles. As an aside, I also like the pdf format that includes the original pagination. Dr. Kenneth R. Cooper, Biblical Faith Ministries

The accessibility and their usefulness for teaching, especially foreign students. Their combination of materials and disciplines makes it highly recommendable for students. R Miguel-Alfonso, U de Castilla-LaMancha, Spain

Compass is one of the best online research and teaching tools worldwide. It provides illuminating overviews by experts who not only summarise the best work in any given field but frequently move the debate forward by making a positive contribution to it. The articles are ideal for both research and teaching purposes. Compass is set to grow into a large encyclopaedic collection of survey articles that no student, teacher, or researcher can afford to ignore. C Sandis, Oxford Brookes U

This is a great medium for new and recent scholarship to be disseminated to both students (undergrad and graduate) and faculty. P Sacoski, Saint Francis U

You have snagged a number of first-rate scholars who know what they’re talking about and your topics are timely without being merely fashionable. Anne Lake Prescott, Barnard College

Compass is especially useful for its spread of articles and scholarly interest across the field of literature and the various areas of study. B Hawk, U Connecticut

This is *great* for my students and for my research as well… You are doing an excellent job. I enjoyed reading the articles tremendously and they are very useful for my students. S Hongladarom, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

It keeps me updated on some new topics in the field of geography. Articles give me new ideas for my research work. G Liu, Liaoning Normal University, China

Compass is up-to-date, it is multidisciplinary and combines high academic standards with accessibility. T Kizos, U of the Aegean, Greece

Compass provides excellent overviews of a field that both serve to introduce the topic and give some cutting edge research. L Walters, University College London

Compass is a very useful tool for keeping up with sub-fields that aren’t directly my speciality. M Clearfield, Whitman College

I like the survey articles that address themes and provide syllabi for potential courses around those themes. C Bandish, Bluffton U

I like the central location of articles on a variety of subjects instead of having to go to several different places, especially since I use the Compass primarily for western civ. courses, which cover thousands of years and miles of territory. E Propes, Mesa State College

Great combination of reviews of the field (written by specialists with great names–how do you get them to write for you???) and new scholarship… N Schurer, Cal State, Long Beach

I like the organization of material, quality of the articles included, wide range of topics (even inside the subtopic of my interest) and approaches. J Luis Bueno Alonso, U of Vigo, Spain

Compass has a wide collection of articles from all branches of linguistics. R Vulanovic, Kent State U

Compass is a wonderful service, supplying work that keeps me fresh and focused in what little time I have for research. Michael O’Rourke, U Idaho

The variability in perspectives and contributors. This enhances the reader/teacher’s capability to provide a broader perspective for students allowing them to come to their own conclusions for some very complicated issues ( eg race and racism). P Porta, Tabor College, Australia

Compass gives me easy access to ‘state of the field’ essays in areas where I teach but don’t actively do research (for instance, I’m a medievalist, but I read a lot of Compass articles to prepare for my English Lit II 1800-2000 class). M Dockray-Miller, Lesley College

I like Compass because 1) Great editorial team (Lit. Compass in particular) – and it shows. 2) scholarly but not overspecialised 3) flexible: one can choose to browse the entire issue or search for individual articles with reasonable ease. C Bajetta, U della Valle d’Aosta, Italy

I like being able to access a wide range of articles just on my topic (religion, in my case), but organised according to sub-topic (e.g. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, New Religious Movements, etc.). M Gouin, U of Bristol

The approach of Compass is to give students an idea of how the field has developed as well as discussing current issues – this is as useful for beginning students as it is for the more advanced because it encourages the situation of topics in the field rather than as separate endeavours. R Varshney, Macquarie U, Australia

Because I have both a private practice and also work in an hospital setting, Compass articles at my fingertips has been most useful in conserving time. D Conrad, Director, Counselling Center

I believe this to be a tremendous medium for Historians and other professionals to share new research. A Haddox, Society of Military History

The Compass journals are solid, scholarly peer-reviewed journals that have excellent articles. They offer top-notch scholarship in Literature, History, and Philosophy – my key areas of interest. J Chapel, Tarleton State University


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