Video Abstracts

Compass authors are all able to submit video abstracts for their Compass articles. Below you will find examples of this exciting new format to make your article come alive.

Wiley-Blackwell has developed a simple workflow and guidelines for authors which enables them to create a Video Abstract or Slidecast (an audio presentation with slides or images) to accompany their article.

“Isn’t Every Crime a Hate Crime?”

“The Impact of Genetic Determinism Reviewed”

“Older Workers: The ‘Unavoidable Obligation’ of Extending Our Working Lives?”

“Re-Forging the Age of Iron”

“Bartolomé de las Casas and the African Slave Trade [SLIDECAST]”

“Thinking Historically about Medieval Emotions”

Teaching and Learning Guides

All Compass authors have the option of publishing a Teaching & Learning Guide to accompany their Compass article.

A Teaching & Learning Guide is a supplement to a journal article, providing ideas for incorporating that article into teaching.

A Teaching & Learning Guide helps to widen the readership and usage of a journal article.

Each Teaching & Learning Guide is usually made up of:

  • Author’s Introduction: a short paragraph setting the scene
  • Author Recommends: 5-10 annotated readings
  • Online Materials: at least 5 links to websites or online materials
  • Sample Section of Syllabus: incorporating the original journal article
  • Focus Questions: at least 5 focus questions
  • Seminar / Project Idea

Our Compass journals have published over 150 Teaching & Learning Guides.