The quality of a scholarly journal… the speed of the web

The Compass journals publish state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed survey articles from across the entire discipline. All articles are specially commissioned by an international team of Section Editors and, following peer review, are produced to the same high standards as all Wiley-Blackwell print journals. This means that readers can be assured of the quality of the content and its presentation.

But Compass is different in several important ways:

  • Online-Only: There is no print version of Compass, decreasing production times and environmental impact.
  • Broad scope: each journal covers an entire discipline, which allows readers to make interesting connections between sub-disciplines.
  • Wide readership: the survey nature of the articles means that they can be used by anyone who is a non-specialist in the area, including teaching faculty and researchers. They also can be used in advanced teaching to introduce students to trends and developments in the field.
  • Durability: all articles remain in the Journal archive indefinitely, which creates a reservoir of useful material.

The Compass Journals are available on subscription to institutional libraries. Please read our information for librarians.